What to Look for in Early Learning Services for Autism

If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism, you may notice that services are limited or harder to find. You may find that some services are available when you ask for them specifically. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, having to ask about certain services and knowing what to look for can help you find the best early learning services for your autistic child. If you are new to finding the right services for your autistic child, here are some things to look for.

The Drop Off: How to Help Your Child Start Preschool

It's the moment every parent is nervous for — dropping their child off at preschool for the first time. While many children handle the separation perfectly well, every parent is understandably worried that their child will not. After all, for many kids, this may be their very first time away from their family. It may not be for very long, but that's still significant, especially for more sensitive and dependent children.

Training for the Transport of Dangerous Goods: A Guide

If you are planning to start a business which transports dangerous or hazardous material, it is important that your staff and drivers are fully trained on how to handle, store and safely transport dangerous goods and substances. A government-approved organisation must provide this training. Before you send your staff on this training course, you may be wondering exactly what they will learn. Below is an introduction to what will be covered on a dangerous goods course.

The Options for Safety Training Courses

Safety is paramount in all workplaces and public spaces. When working in areas that are considered hazardous or risky, people undergo safety training courses as a way of reducing their vulnerability to risks and increasing their capacity to cope with accidents when they happen. They often take a holistic approach in that all members of the organisation are involved in the training. Therefore, they provide an opportunity for staff members to interact, also promoting collaboration and teamwork.

Assessing the effectiveness of lesson plans used in your child's school

Early childhood education forms the genesis of learning experiences for most children. It is the time when they first interact with a formal learning experience, including teachers and other students. It is, therefore, important for children to have clear and detailed lesson plans that will set expectations for them and for you as a parent/guardian.  Clear lesson plans will provide a roadmap that your child will navigate as they embark on their journey towards developing critical skills.